About Me

I have always loved creating things and have always grown up with dogs.  I have 3 at the moment.  2 are little mixes named Ewok and Hera and the last is an Australian Shepherd named Zoey.
My 2 little ones hate wearing anything, its hard enough to get them to wear collars.  When I got Zoey I wanted to make sure she got used to wearing things around her neck because I love seeing dogs wearing beautiful bandanas and collars.  I looked online and although I found so many beautiful bandanas and collars, I didn't find anything that was exactly what I wanted.  I decided that I would make my own.
My mother has always sewed so I grew up around it and loved to sew little random things.  So I was no stranger to a sewing machine, I bought some fabric and made a template and made my first bandana, I fell in love with it.  I loved seeing Zoey wear it and loved taking pictures of her with it on. 
I decided that I would post them online and see how things went.
There is no better feeling than when I see someone post a picture of something that I made, knowing that they love it and love what you do and what you make.

Thank you all for even just visiting my little shop.
                                                                           Ritchie Ibarra